Warranty Form

Please follow the folowing troubleshooting process before submitting the warranty form:

Luminous light up wheels work with a magnetic spacer, which generates electricity as the wheel rotates. This electricity used to light up the LED located inside the wheel. If your wheels not lighting up, first make sure you inserting a magnetic spacer between bearings. Your axles must be tighten. If the wheel still doesn’t light up, there are two possible reasons:

1. Spacer problem

2. LED problem inside the wheel

To determine the problem, place different spacer from the working wheel and spin it. If the wheel lights up, this is a spacer problem. If the wheel still doesn’t light up, this is LED problem inside the wheel. Please fill the warranty form below and indicate the problem.

Luminous Wheels Catalog

Here you will find your favorite colors
to illuminate the stage with your dancing tricks,
or to leave your own line of light for your night rides. You’ll really enjoy seeing the ground light up with your Luminous wheels.