This summer Luminous presents the all-new wheels: 4 bright colors specially designed for quad skaters.



Jade Glitter

A new addition to the ‘glitter’ collection, now with a special logo, but with the same spirit as other ones, they look amazing during the day, how they shine and the LED’s make them so shiny and beautiful at night!



We didn’t want the Cotton Candy to feel alone as a dual color, so we made this one to make your roller skates even cooler. As they light up, the colors will mix and create a super fun effect.

Purple Haze

Many of you asked for this one, and we’re proud to add this glitter purple to our collection of Roller Skate light up wheels!

All Stars

Among the new addition to our roller skate Luminous wheels, these are special.
Different graphics, with a mix of Blue and Red LED’s

All the new wheels are available in 62mm/85A, magnetic 8mm spacers included.

We are proud and so happy to share with you these 4 new colors, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. ✌️


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